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HC Panter Autumn Cup 2023 U12AA

15.9. - 16.9.2023 Haabersti Icerink Tallinn | Estonia

Format and rules

Format and rules


1. There will be 2 groups of 5 teams in the first round. All teams in their individual group play each other once.

2. After the 1st round numbers 1, 2, 3, 4  and 5 of each group will be qualified to place games in accordance with the game schedule.

The winning goal race of the ranking matches

  • If the ranking match (place games, bronze game and final) is tied at the end of the actual playing time, the winning shot will be played as follows:
  • The winning goal contest is started with three (3) different players/teams, which the team coach informs the referee of the match immediately after the end of the playing time.
  • If the situation is still tied after three shots, the winning shots will be continued one pair of shots at a time with the "once over" principle. The match is decided when the other team's player succeeds in scoring and his partner does not.
  • The winning goal contest is started by the away team marked in the program.

Only the decisive goal is recorded in the final result of the match. The deciding goal is credited to the player who took the shot.



The duration of a game is 2 x 20 minutes (raw time).

The last minute of the second period – clear time.

The maximum total duration of a single game is 50 minutes (including warm-up). There are one minute break between periods.

22 players can be applied per team (including 2 goalkeepers). Exceptions are allowed only by agreement with the organizers of the tournament. The maximum team staff of trainers, managers and other representatives is limited up till 3 persons. Exceptions are allowed only by agreement with the organizers of the tournament.

The team must be ready to come on ice 5 minutes before the games starts. Otherwise, the organizers can decide on giving the team a technical loss, with the result of 0:5.

The team which is called out first is the home-team, and accordingly, the second called out team is the guest-team. The home-team plays in dark-colored forms, and consequently, the guest-team plays in the light-colored forms.

The home-team takes the seats on the right side.

Only the players and coaches belonging to the team may be present in the dressing rooms. The dressing rooms must be left clean after their usage.

The representatives of the tournament do not take responsibility for any team’s lost/damaged inventory or other personal belongings.

A team is awarded with 2 points for a game they have won in the group tournament. In case of a draw result, each team earns 1 point.

The ranking of each team in each group will be determined by following rules

1. Points

2. Head-to-head points

3. Head-to-head goal difference

4.  Head-to-head goals for

5. Goal difference

6. Goals for

7. Penalty minutes

8. Dice

When three or more teams are tied in points, continue to determine the standings of the remaining teams

starting from the first rule (considering only the matches between the tied teams).



1. Minor penalty – 2 minute (raw time)
2. Major penalty – 5 minutes (raw time)
3. Game Misconduct penalty (5+20) – A player/team official, who has been given a Game Misconduct penalty is sent away from the field for the rest of the game. If the same player/team official is given a second Game Misconduct penalty in the tournament, he is suspended for the next game. In case the same player/team official received a third Game Misconduct Penalty he is disqualified for the tournament entirely.
4. A Match penalty (25 minutes) – a player/team official who receives a Match penalty is automatically suspended for the next game as well. If the same player/team official receives a second Match penalty, he is disqualified for the tournament entirely.

Body checking is allowed in the U12 age group.

U12 age group games are being played not taking into consideration icing rule.

The spirit of the tournament - Fair Play
Exemplary Fair Play mental behavior is required from the teams - players and responsible persons. Spectators are also asked to behave encouragingly, in a positive spirit and act as a good role model for children.

Due to disruptive behavior, the organizer can remove the person from the hall.

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