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Sciotec Cup

6.4. - 7.4.2019 Klaukkalan jäähalli | Suomi

Tournament rules

Tournament Rules

Tournament Rules – Sciotec turnament

Tournament organizer

Kurra Hockey Ry 07 team

Tournament rules:

Playing rules are E-Juniors’ competition rules of Finnish Ice Hockey Association (FIHA) or excptions presented by tournament jury. The judges are from Hyvinkää jääkiekkoerotuomarikerho (Hyvinkää Hockey referee club).

Tournament will consist of 12 teams at two different divisions. 

The teams may enter licenced players from age group E1 (or younger). The over age players who have been representing E1 age group in the season 2018-2019 are allowed on the teams. The teams will enter the player lists to the GameResults service prior the tournament. The scores can be found from: http://www.gameresultsonline.com/kurra-07/sciotec-cup. UserID and password are emailed to team leaders.

Possible changes to player lists have to be delivered to tournament leader prior first game of the tournament. No changes the to the player list are allowed during the tournament unless the tournament leaders approve the changes. Possible absences during the tournament needs to be communicated to game officials.

The goal keepers are allowed to play in both levels during the tournament.

Game Duration

Each tournament game consists of 2 periods of 15 minutes effective playtime (stop time). However, the maximum total playtime of a single game is 50 minutes (running time). The game ends the latest when the total time of 50 minutes is full. The total playtime of each game will start as marked in the program unless otherwise specified by the Tournament management.

The periods are separated by a one (1) minute intermission (included into total time). The teams are notified (by an announcement) either 2 minutes before second period ends or 2 minutes before the total time is up.

The teams must be ready to start the game as 5 minutes before the game start time in the tournament program. The game will begin immediately after the ice is ready and the goals are set in their places. If a team is not ready to play when their game is scheduled to begin according to the Tournament schedule, they will be condemned to forfeit their match 5 - 0.

Tournament format

The first series

The first series are played as a single round-robin series in one group.

Placement round

After a single round-robin series in both levels, the top two teams will play the finals, Third and fourth for the placements 3-4 ja fifth and sixth for the positions of 5 and 6.

In case a placement match ends tie, the winner shall be determined by a Game Winning Shots. The following procedure will be utilized:

  • The GWS will begin with three (3)  different players per team nominated by the coach of each team.

  • If the game is still tied after three shots by each team, the GWS will continue with a tie-break shoot-out by one player of each team.

  • The same or new players can take the tie-break shots. The same player can also be used for each shot by a team in the tie-break shoot-out.

  • Only the decisive goal will count in the result of the game. The decisive goal will be credited to the player who scored.

The first series

For all first series matches points shall be awarded as follows:

  • 2 points for the winning team

  • 1 point for both teams if the game is tied

  • 0 points for the team losing the game

The ranking of a teams is defined as follows:

  1. Collected points

  2. Goal difference of all the games within the first series

  3. All the goals scored in all games within the first series

  4. Points of a mutual game

  5. Goal difference of mutual games

  6. Scored goals of mutual games

  7. Penalties

  8. Lottory

Disciplinary Issues

In this tournament, in addition to compliance with the following FIHA's specific tournament rules:

A ten-minute misconduct penalty is carried out normally in the penalty box. If a player gets two ten minute penalties during one game he is automatically banned from the next game. If  player gets big penalty (5+20 min), or (20 min with unsportsmanlike conduct) he is automatically banned from the whole tournament. If a player gets a game penalty the issue will be processed officially.

The Tournament Leader can also ban a player/team or team member from one or multiple games or from the whole tournament. The Tournament leader is not obligated to argue his/her decisions.

Jury of the Tournament and protests

All protest are handled by the tournament Jury, whose decision is final. Protests shall be filed in writing within 10 minutes after the end of the match. The protest deposit is 100€, which will be returned if the protest is accepted. TThe jury’s decision to approve the protest must be unanimous. The Jury is not obliged to argue its decision(s).

Responsibilities and accidents

The organizer of the Tournament has NOT insured players and is NOT responsible for participating players for any injuries or accidents occurring during the games. The head of each team is responsible to ensure that each player of the team has a proper license and insurance in place. Furthermore, each coach and the active staff members of a team must carry a license/insurance.

Changes to the Tournament program

The organizer of the Tournament can change the Tournament schedule and program, and interpret these tournament rules in case specific reasons arise. Any such changes will be notified without delay to the participating teams.

Respect the game

The behavior of the teams, players and staff must be exemplary and in the spirit of fair play. Spectators are also asked to act supportively and show children good example. The organizer can remove inappropriately behaving persons from the ice hall. For member of staff behaving inappropriately FIHA's competition rules are applied.


Winning team will be awarded with a trophy. Each team member will get a participation medla.

Interpretation of these rules

Should there be any difference between the Finnish and the English versions of these rules, the Finnish version shall apply.


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