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Finland Lions Summer Cup 2023, Boys U14-U18

4.8. - 6.8.2023 Kerava 1, Järvenpää 1, Riihimäki 1, Kerava 2, Järvenpää 2, Riihimäki 2 | Suomi


Rules for Finland Lions Cup

The Tournament will be played by the rules of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association with the following adjustments: 

Match reports, player lists
Match reports are printed according to the player lists given by the teams. Any changes should be made in the tournament office latest 30 minutes before the team’s FIRST game of the tournament. Player can represent only one team during the tournament. If team has teams on both levels (U14), goalie can play both teams. Goalie can also play play-off games with both teams IF he plays on both level in round robin. One team can use max 20 players + 2 goalkeepers in a single game. 

Warm ups etc
No warm ups on ice, game starts immediately with starting line ups. Before the start the captain of the team with the opponent´s captain exchanges banners or streamers, etc.

Rules of the Finnish Ice Hockey Association with the following adjustments: 
A normal small penalty is 2 minute effective playing time. 
If a player receives a game penalty (5+20 min), he is automatically banned from the next game. 
If a player receives a match penalty (25 min), he is automatically banned from the tournament.

Game time, intermission and timeout
2 x 20 min stoppage time, total game time max 65 min. No total max time in bronze/gold medal games. 

If a playoff game ends in a tie, winner will be solved by sudden death penalty shot competition. 3 shooters per team, if game is still tied after 3 shooter, a sudden death will follow. 

All protests are handled by the Tournament Jury. Jury consists of the tournament director and two tournament officials. The decision of the jury is final. The fee for a protest is 200 euros, which will be returned should the protest be accepted. The protest should be in writing, signed by the manager of the team and made no later than 10 minutes after the game has ended.

Tournament organizers have no control over appointing the referees to the tournament or to a certain game, referees are appointed by the local Referee Association. 

Team Jerseys
Home team plays with dark colored jerseys and the team mentioned later in the schedule (visitor) uses lighter color jerseys.

Tournament medals and trophies
Team ranked 1st gets a trophy, 2nd and 3rd gets medals (20 pcs).

Right to amendments
Tournament office has the right to amend schedules.

All players and team staff must have valid adequate insurance. Tournament is not responsible for any injuries that may occur to players or staff of any team. 

Other disputes
In case of doubt and matters not explicitly expressed in these rules or in the rules of Finnish Ice Hockey Association, the Tournament Jury reserves the right to conduct a decision deviant from rules stated above.

Ranking of teams in groups will be determined by following rules:
1) Points 
2) Head-to-head points 
3) Head-to-head goal difference 
4) Goal difference 
5) Goals for 
6) Penalty minutes 
7) Dice

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