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Finland Lions Ringette Cup 2023

28.7. - 30.7.2023 Ilmatar Areena | Suomi

Turnaussäännöt (englanniksi)

1.       Tournament rules
The games shall be played according to the rules and regulations of the Finnish Ringette Association including the additions and clarifications below.

2.       Playing system
A team gets 2 points for a win, 1 point for a draw and 0 point for a loss. 

If two or more teams are tied after round robin, the following rules will apply:
1.       The result of head-to-head game
2.       The goal difference of the round
3.       Goals for
4.       Team with less penalty minutes
5.       Flip of a coin

U14: There are 6 teams in tournament. Each team will play 5 round robin games and top 2 teams will play in the final game.

U16: There are 8 teams in tournament, 4 x FIN & 4 x CAN. Each FIN team will play once against each CAN team. After round robin, placement games will be played as follows:

FIN 4th vs CAN 4th
FIN 3rd vs CAN 3rd
FIN 2nd vs CAN 2nd
FIN 1st vs CAN 1st

U19: There are 6 teams in tournament. Each team will play 5 round robin games and one placement game (1 vs 2, 3 vs 4, 5 vs 6).

3.       Game time
2 x 20 minutes (stop-clock timing), but maximum 60 minutes. 

If a playoff game ends in a draw, a shootout competition will take place. Both teams must immediately name three players with shooting order in writing to the referee (a player cannot participate in the shootout if she is in the penalty box, when the game time ends). All three players will shoot. If the teams are still tied after that, one shooter per team will continue. The shooter must be different player than the first three ones.

PLEASE NOTICE! If the total game time ends and there is under two minutes stop-clock timing left, the game will be played to the end according to the stop-clock-timing.
When the total game time is ending, the last 4 & 2 minutes will be announced.

If less than half of the stop-clock timing is played and there is a technical malfunction or a serious injury of a player, which lasts over 10 minutes, the total game time clock will be stopped after 10 minutes break. Game will continue after the malfunction following the remaining total game time. 
If more than half of the stop-clock timing is played, the total game time clock will not be stopped.

The length of intermission is one minute in every game. 

No timeouts allowed.

4.       Penalties
According to the regulations of ringette, but following exceptions:
If in the tournament
1. a player / an official will be removed from the game for the second time during the tournament,
2. a player / an official will get a match penalty,
the jury of the tournament handles the penalty actions of the case regarding to the tournament and also the possible transmission of the case to the additional handling.

5.       Roster
A team manager has to check the team roster at tournament office at least 30 minutes before the team’s first game of the tournament. If there are changes to team’s roster during the tournament, team manager is responsible to inform the tournament office about the changes latest 30min before the start of the team’s next game.

6.       Starting the games
Teams must be ready to go on ice and to start the game five (5) minutes before the starting time mentioned in the game schedule, to get the games started according to the game schedule. If the team breaks this rule, it can be judged to lose the game by 7 - 0.
The jury of the tournament has the right to change the game schedule and timetables, if compulsory reasons demand to do so.

7.       Settling the game reports and the protests, jury of the tournament
The task of the jury is to settle the game reports and the protests done during the tournament and to give decisions concerning the tournament. The jury can also send the handled game report or protest for further handled to the Finnish Ringette Association.

A written protest which concerns the game, must be left to the tournament office max. 30 minutes after the end of the game. Other notification or protest concerning something else than games can be left in written for the jury during the tournament.
The fee of the protest is 100 euros.

The jury's power to make decisions does not concern only the actions in the rink. The jury has the responsibility to interfere during the whole tournament also in other offences and misbehaviors, if one party is a player or an official.

The jury consists of
•      the representatives of the tournament organizer (2 persons)
•      a representative of referees.
The precise composition of the jury and contact details will be available at the tournament office during the tournament.

8.       Ice Cards
Each player and each official attending to the games in the tournament, must have the valid Ice Card (Swedish/Canadian players: valid insurance). Proof of the valid Ica Card must be available for checking in the tournament.


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